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Congratulations! You look like you are blooming. I am also a long time lurker on your blog, I lived in Japan for seven years and have loved reading your posts since I returned to New Zealand, super natsukashi! My husband and I are also expecting our first child...in a little over a week. All the best to the three of you and enjoy your pregnancy, the middle part is great!

Hangzhou Hero

I'm a long time lurker of the blog, and I'd also like to extend my congratulations. I wish you nothing but the best.


I'm also a long time lurker here, but I want to say congratulations! I'm so excited for you and your husband.


maybe too much of that bread. Should have stick to rice.

(congatulations anyway)

Bianca Costantino

Congratulations dear! Been reading your blog for about two years now! You look lovely and healthy! :3

jacqueline chan

I have always been lurking at your posts. But this time I want to say "Congratulations" to you and Hideki. Your announcement is so creative. Nice touch!


OH< AMY!!!!!! Congratulations to you and Hideaki!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!


Congratulations! ^_^

Sara A

I'm another lurker and one who also married a Japanese, lived in Tokyo and I had my daughter in Japan as well. Being a mother in Japan is the absolute BEST! You will discover a whole new world.... I wish you the best with the pregnancy and the joy to come.

Herbert Christy





Such a cute way of announcing the good news... congratulations!!!!!


Haha, I love the pickle and strawberry ice cream reference. Congrats to the both (or should I say 3 ^_^) of you.




Congratulations! Cute beer belly! :)


Congratulations!!!! Look forward to sharing in your adventure. Totally missed the barefoot & pregnant allusion when I saw the first pic, but thought that T-shirt was stickin out a bit too far :)


Hi Amy
Funny how I have never met you but still feel so happy for you!
Best wishes from a friend on the other side of the Globe,


p.s. I've been following every single post of yours for at least 2 1/2 years and can't leave out on thanking you for all the input and your foreigner/insider view (which helps me understand more about fascinating Japan and it's cuisine).

gabriella kadar

Awww go ahead and drink the pickle juice... you know you want to..




Carol in Kobe

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!


Hi Ami,
congratulations to you both!! Since 5 years I'm a silent fan of your blog so now's a good time to say a big thank you for sharing all these stories and pictures that keep me connected to my own fond, funny and strange memories of Japan... Wish you all the best :-D

Sara in Austin

Congratulations! I have no idea how long I've been silently following your blog, but it has been a real joy and inspiration. I know this journey will be a most magical one for you and your husband. All best wishes!!!


Congratulations! I had a suspicion, but hoped for more clarity in time... and now I have it. Many good wishes to you, your husband, and baby-makes-three!


I've loved reading your blog for such a long time, and I'm really happy for you and your husband, Amy! Congratulations! :)


another long-time lurker - such nice news and a creative way of sharing it - Congratulations!




Wow. Congrats. some great news this is...


Ca fait un bout de temps que je lis votre blog, je suis trés heureuse pour vous et votre mari....FELICITATIONS pour cette merveilleuse nouvelle.

Melissa Spangenberg-Endo

Congratulations. I live in Canada and my husband is also Japanese. We have a little girl who just turned 7. I have followed your blog since we came back from Japan to live in Canada. This is wonderful news. Your child is going to be Georgeous! Yay!!!
Melissa & Enchan

Thomas Teraoka

congrats! found this blog looking for japanese food pics. bebe gonna be fed good stuff! ^^

Account Deleted

Congratz Amy ! Wishing u a healthy pregnancy to ur due date. :)


Congratulations Amy and Hideaki! Now Marya will have a playmate.You look beautiful!



Wu TeongTeong



Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I have three now grown and they bring much happiness to life. I guessed correctly. A cute way to announce your news!

Albany Jane

I love your creativity! If I ever need to do something similar, I'm completely stealing this from ya!

Congrats to you and Hide!

Heather Meadows

Congratulations :)


Hi Amy!
Congratulations to you and Hideaki!
You look beautiful!


great entry!!! i just came upon your blog and wanted to say that i love your take on things and your pictures are wonderful. have a great pregnancy.


Amy, you and your belly look awesome! That's great news! And thank you for your inspiring blog :-)

Lauren Dunn

Congratulations dear, I wish you great happiness and a safe birthing. I love the way you announced it!

Jennifer Craig

I'm so proud of you, cuzzin, for your dedication to your blog, your family, and now your bump. You look gorgeous, by the way, but that part doesn't surprise me.

I'm happy for the 100+ comments from your admirers, too. What a tribute!


I knew it! Ever since you said your husband being employed was the 2nd best thing... congrats and welcome to the world of motherhood!


Oh how wonderful! I've never posted, but have read this blog for years. You look adorable. Can't wait to see this next path you're on, here on your blog.
Wishing you and your husband all the best for a perfect healthy child.


Congratulations, you look beautiful :)

Just love your blog, by the way. Your photos are gorgeous. I've been dying to go to Japan for years (currently live in Thailand, so it's not that far :), and just never seem to make it. Your blog is seriously making me think about getting there next year.

Keep posting about your big belly, LOL. And don't forget to post piccies of what eventually emerges from it :)

Robyn K

Congrats to you both! I got the reference as soon as I read the barefoot part. I bet Marya will be excited to have a cousin.


I have been reading your blog for some time. I adore it! Congratulations on your funny cravings and beer belly.


I just stumbled upon your blog...what a delightful post to announce a pregnancy. Congratulations and enjoy all the wonders of pregnancy and motherhood.


I'm a longtime reader who just wanted to say Congratulations!


Have you joined the Tokyo Preg. group? Very nice, here the site:
Good luck



Dear Amy, I've been reading your blog for about a year and a half now but I've never posted because I'm shy like that. But this news made me squee and I just wanted to say congratulations and the best to you and your husband and your baby :) This was a really creative way to announce the good news, I'm so happy for you!!


You've gotten the size of two people!


the most adorable thing ever! so, are you going to get wrapped? or have they finally stopped doing that? 15 yrs ago when i was teaching english there, my japanese friends still got their belly's wrapped up on dog day. you basically wear this big elastic belt to help hold your tummy in...like a dog's. it's for easy delivery...like a dog's. ?

Gloria Flynn

I haven't dropped by your blog for quite a while--but now I'm glad I did. I always love reading your blog and admiring the gorgeous photography, but now I have something to celebrate with you. My best wishes to you and your husband! Congratulations! You look so beautiful! Cute announcement, too!


Congratulations!!! Also a long time lurker (not quite as often commenter). Such great news :)


Wow, I wish I could respond to everyone, but let me just say thanks to all for the congratulations and comments!


what a creative way of sharing ur good news...i too had my baby in japan n it was a great experience...can't think of having my 2nd anywhere else!!! congratulations n looking forward to more posts!!! :)

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